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Experience Seamless iOS & Android Device Testing for Flawless Apps

Welcome to the future of mobile app testing! Access hundreds of REAL devices to QA test your apps or mobile websites, without writing a single line of code. Our users save QA time by 90%.

Tap into the power of Sofy

Trusted by 2500+ brands

Elevate Your Mobile QA Testing to New Heights

We understand the challenges of app testing and mobile QA, and we’re here to provide solutions that are not only effective but also accessible to teams of all sizes and expertise levels.

Unparalleled Parallel Execution

Our platform offers a unique blend of no-code automation, enabling you to test iOS and Android devices with unprecedented ease and efficiency.  From Unit to Regression testing, run all tests across hundreds of real Android and iOS devices, in real time.

sofy no-code automation dashboard for ios and android testing
No-Code Automation

No-Code, No Sweat

Simplify your testing process with our intuitive no-code solutions. As a result, you can scale your QA testing capabilities without writing a single line of code. By using Sofy to handle your test automation, you’ll realign your teams time and resources for the better. 

Make testing part of your CI/CD

Just like development, testing should be AGILE. Leverage the power of integrations and run automatic tests while in the development stages of your app or mobile device. 

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An Unfair Advantage for Your Engineering Team

Join the ranks of leading companies who trust our mobile app testing solutions. Our commitment to innovation and excellence in no-code automation, iOS & Android device testing, and mobile QA testing ensures your app delivers a seamless and engaging user experience.

Here´s how thousands of engineers have multiplied their output.

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Food for thought by some leaders in your space.

Currently leveraged by the likes of Forrester, Microsoft, Cisco +More.

Sachin J
Engineering Manager for Office Microsoft Corp.
Sofy is a game changer. We´re able to automate tests within days using their no-code platform and its seamless integration with CI/CD helped us test our builds daily.
Omair Khan
CEO for SalamPlanet
We went from 0% automation to 75% automation using Sofy and it has helped us to reduce our release cycle from 4 weeks to 1 week.
Imran Aziz
CEO for MatchPoint
SOFY enabled us to release MatchPoint on schedule by enabling us to test the app on over a dozen devices prior to release.

Ready to reclaim the hours and days you´ve lost to testing?

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the future of AI-powered app  testing tools. Transform your app’s performance today!

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